Rebca Zawde

Masters in Clinical Social Work  .  Registered Social Worker  .  Registered Play Therapist

We live in a world where there is so much information available to us. Maybe you've done some searching of your own in hopes to support your child or family. You've tried many of the things you've learnt but are finding it's just not enough. You've begun to feel like more support is needed. Getting started with a therapist can feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. I will work to meet you where you are and build trust and comfort throughout the process. 

I became drawn to helping children and their families after a trip to Ethiopia as a teenager, where I was struck by a strong desire to have a positive impact. Ever since I've focused on gaining the skills needed to help set children and teens up for becoming confident adults who can overcome difficulties and maintain positive relationships. I use play, art, and other creative ways to work with young people and their families, in order to bring forth positive changes.

I've heard from many families how hard it is to watch your child really struggle, and as a result,  to begin to struggle as a family. In these situations, it's easy to wonder if things can be different. I know from my work that families and children are capable of great things. I've committed my career to supporting families and children. 

You've felt stuck for a while, maybe even defeated and lost.  My commitment is to journey with you, to support you and your little ones, to get back to where you'd like to be.

Sprout Counselling is an inclusive practice.

Everyone can expect to feel safe and respected. 

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