Family Counselling

What is Family Counselling?


It is a form of counselling that involves the whole family. The number of family members present at one time may differ.


(Good Therapy, 2014)




All families are unique, which means each family unit has different ways of being with one another. These different ways of being become patterns that can be helpful or problematic.  In Family Therapy, I am able to support in resolving difficulties within the family unit.


How does it work?


I will work alongside your family to identify the different patterns that occur, including the ways you communicate and how your family handles difficult situations. This then allows us to work towards ways of being within the family that align more closely with your values, by equipping you with different skills and greater understanding.


How does it benefit my family?


  • Increase understanding

  • Increase positive communication

  • Build up conflict resolution skills

  • Increase collaboration

  • Better relationships

  • Reduce behavioral problems

  • Supports better mental and physical health

  • Reduction of parenting conflicts



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