Child Counselling



What is Child Counselling?


It is a form of counselling that tailored towards supporting children ages 4-12 in developmentally appropriate ways.




As children grow, they sometimes experience difficulties that challenge their ability to cope. Child counselling helps equip children with an outlet to express their struggles and challenges while proving them and their families with the skills to cope with their current concerns as well as future problems. 


How does it work?


After meeting with you, I will work towards building a relationship with your child. A strong relationship between counsellor and client is one of the primary indicators for positive outcomes in a therapy setting. Initial sessions will focus on relationship building, forming a clinical assessment of your child’s struggles, and identifying a path forward.  After about four meetings, we will reconvene in a parent check-in where I will share my observations and assessments with you. I will then continue to work with your child, yourself, as well as others as needed (for example teachers, coaches etc.) to best support your child in overcoming the presenting concerns.


The primary way I support children is through the use of play therapy.

To learn more about how I use play click here.


What concerns can you support my child with?


  • Parent/caregiver-child conflict

  • Divorce and separation

  • Worries / Anxiety 

  • Anger

  • Peer relationships

  • School concerns

  • Sleep

  • Behavioural challenges

  • Coping with their own or a loved one's chronic illness

  • Other life transitions or changes

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