Play Therapy


What is Play Therapy?


It is a form of counselling that uses play and other creative means as a way to work through difficulties and challenges that arise for children.


Why Play?


Often times children are unable to articulate what they are going through; this is why we notice behavioral changes in children when something in their life proves to be overly challenging or difficult. Play provides a safe, fun, and familiar environment for children to work through difficulties.


This video highlights the value of Play Therapy:


















(Landreth, 1991 and Association for Play Therapy, 2016)


How does it work?


Play Therapy is different from regular play that a child may engage in at home and is used as a therapeutic tool.  Play therapy employs creative strategies and interventions as a way to assess and understand the child's inner world. With the help of a counsellor, children play out and express life themes, challenges, and uncover solutions throughout this process. This understanding is then used to work through difficulties and build up their coping abilities. 


What can it help with?


  • Reduce outbursts  

  • Increase coping skills

  • Isolation or social withdrawal

  • Increase ability to solve problems

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Coping with illness

  • Increase awareness of emotions

  • Relational conflicts

  • Learn how to express emotions

  • Reduce anxieties

  • Strengthen social skills

(Association for Play Therapy, 2016)


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