Counselling Services

The support I provide are aligned in accordance with your family’s needs. In addition, to talk therapy, I am able to support your family through difficulties in creative ways including; sand tray, writing, games, and art. My goal is to emphatically listen to your story and work alongside you in supporting yourself and your young person.


As children are often to connected to a network of people who are able to speak to their challenges and strengths; my role as a counselor with your family can include talking to teachers, coaches, school counselors, and others to gain insight and provide coaching in order to support you child in a holistic manner. 

My areas of expertise include parent/caregiver-child conflict, divorce and separation, anxiety / worries, peer relationships, school concerns, sleep, behavioural challenges, chronic illness, and other life transitions or changes. 


Sprout Counselling is an inclusive practice. Everyone can expect to feel safe and respected. 

child play therapy

At Sprout, I use play therapy to support children ages four to twelve. Play is a child's first language, as such, it provides a natural and fun way for children to express concerns and work through challenges. (APT, 2016)

Teen counselling

With so many changes occurring in many areas, being a teen can be hard. I work with teens in ways that fit their needs and interests. 

Family Counselling 

Family counselling is helpful when there are problems between family members. Sprout offers a safe place for families to work through new or ongoing problems. 

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